The ICI fund’s goals are to lower the barrier to innovation and to impact patient care and treatment.

When applying for an ICI grant, it is important to describe the clinical impact that your project aims to have. For some projects where the work is more likely to have an impact several years from now,  this means describing a clear path to clinical impact. For others, this means showing the likely near-term impact of your project. You will have the opportunity to provide this information in the application section “Statement of Innovation.”

What are some examples of clinical impact?

  • Improving patient care (ie: treatment options, diagnostic accuracy, screening, survival, quality of life, etc.)
  • Enhancing clinicians’ ability to make better decisions
  • Increasing clinical trial accrual or access to trials
  • Providing a preclinical rationale for testing new drugs or combination therapies, for testing existing drugs in patients based on genomic or other biological information