Since funding the first grants in 2017, The Fund for Innovation in Cancer Informatics (ICI), has focused on work that supports and tests novel bioinformatics applications in cancer aimed at clinical impact. The Fund has awarded $4.5 M to 16 NCI-designated cancer centers. The ICI Core Grant program has offered application rounds in the Spring and Fall.

In January 2021, ICI launched a second grant program, High Impact Collaborative Grant (HICG) program. HICG aims to foster cooperation between two or more institutions that will result in significant clinical impact for patients in 36 months or less.

The overall goals of the Fund are to lower barriers to innovation and to impact patient care and treatment options. ICI employs a concise proposal process and works to make approved grants available 4-8 weeks from the deadline for application to help move innovative work forward.

ICI Grant Quick Facts

Core Grants

High Impact Collaborative Grants (HICG)