This Funding Opportunity is focused on fostering collaboration between tool builders and tool users on decision support projects involving two or more institutions to achieve near term clinical impact. The goal is to dramatically accelerate improvements in clinical decision making, care, and outcomes for cancer patients in 36 months or less.

  • One or more multi-institutional awards that support investigator-initiated projects for 1 to 3 years @ 200K per institution/per year (contact program office for larger proposals).
  • Data standardization, curation, integration, or related tools can be included in the proposals.
  • Multi-year proposals should include yearly milestones for the purpose of evaluating progress toward overall project goals. These milestones must be achieved in order to qualify for the following year of funding.
  • For 3-year projects: by year 2 the project should be in its testing phase, and by year 3 the project should be in implementation.
  • Projects should have a high probability of leading to significant clinical impact in 3 years or less.
  • Projects should focus on the use of existing data. Data generation should not be the primary focus of the proposal.
  • Minimum of two institutions and two Principal Investigators at each institution.
  • Each team is required to include a clinician at each institution to manage clinical application and use.